Discover The Story Behind The Designs



The designs are opulent, classic, colorful and chic, with great attention paid to detail. But, what truly makes the SCOTSTYLE label unique, is the passion behind the fashion.

Last year, Scott Nelson, the founder of SCOTSTYLE "noticed a hair out of place on my elephant hair bracelet bought in Paris in 2004, realizing that the store I had acquired it from was no longer in business. That combined with a thorough search for any online presence, I saw a void in the marketplace and capitalized on that fact. "

From there he decided to donate a portion of his sales "back to combat poaching of elephants.”

"Since I buy the tail hair from the South African government, I thought something needed to be done," Scott says.  "I also don't like waste as they were killed for the ivory. I would rather buy it than have them destroy it."

Scott's non-profit of choice for his donations for his bracelets go to, which also happens to be Prince William's favorite charity.

Tusk is a dynamic and pioneering organization with 25 years of experience initiating and funding conservation, community development and environmental education programs across Africa. Since its formation in 1990, Tusk has invested more than $40 million into a wide range of projects across the continent.

So, why is protecting the wildlife so important to Scott?

"If I sold the last one of my bracelets, I would be a happy man as it would mean I helped future generations to be able to appreciate these creatures," he explains.

Fittingly, Scott's motto in life is to "love, learn and inspire," all of which he is doing with SCOTSTYLE.

SCOTSTYLE is proudly made in the USA.